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This page is now quite old.

Sadly (or perhaps not?), I no longer spend a lot of time on IRC, and as such, don’t really have anything to do with PnP anymore. There’s still some information on this site, but for further information, and a small forum of dedicated PnP users, please see

? PnP 4 final beta for mIRC 5.07

PnP is designed to be a good choice for anyone looking for a mIRC script. All of its features are highly configurable, so you don’t need to settle for what someone else thinks is best. Most features work quietly in the background- and those that don’t can be turned off. You can keep yourself and your channels safe, and have a much nicer overall IRC experience. PnP doesn’t have the sleek, fancy look that some scripts have- instead, all development time goes into making useful, flexible, and powerful features. Browse through configuration and the popups for just a glimpse of the many features available... or just run it with the default configuration and learn as you go.

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This requires and is designed for mIRC 5.7, not included. The last release said it would be the last beta release, but I decided to take the time to fix some bugs and update it for mIRC 5.7. So enjoy.

If I ever get time, I may finish up a few more things and do some documentation, but don’t count on anything. I would not be surprised if I never touched PnP again.

This does not necessarily mean I won’t ever script again, but I make no promises.

PnP 4 final beta for mIRC 5.07 (442KB)

? If this is an update package

Just install over a previous beta, and answer ’yes’ to any file overwrites.

? If this is a full install

If you are installing this for the first time, just unzip to a directory. *Make sure you use/retain directories* in the zip. Then simply copy mirc32.exe (version 5.7) into the directory. (just the .exe- no .inis or anything.)

If you already have a previous beta configured the way you like, you then copy your old mirc.ini and CONFIG dir to the new beta. You can also use /profile to import settings from 4.00 or plain mIRC. (3.20-specific settings not imported YET)

! Note

NOTE: Bug reporting and feedback features have been disabled. I don’t read the stuff anymore anyways, sorry. Please don’t expect any replies to any e-mails regarding scripting either. I don’t mean to be rude- I simply do not have the time or interest anymore.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Although I try to make this as bug free and usable as possible, there will definately be bugs, and many features either aren’t complete, aren’t in, or are in but undocumented.

For a detailed list of changes from beta to beta, see whatsnew.txt.

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