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Sadly (or perhaps not?), I no longer spend a lot of time on IRC, and as such, don’t really have anything to do with PnP anymore. There’s still some information on this site, but for further information, and a small forum of dedicated PnP users, please see

? PnP 4.20 for mIRC 6.01

PnP is designed to be a good choice for anyone looking for a mIRC script. All of its features are highly configurable, so you don’t need to settle for what someone else thinks is best. Most features work quietly in the background- and those that don’t can be turned off. You can keep yourself and your channels safe, and have a much nicer overall IRC experience. PnP doesn’t have the sleek, fancy look that some scripts have- instead, all development time goes into making useful, flexible, and powerful features. Browse through configuration and the popups for just a glimpse of the many features available... or just run it with the default configuration and learn as you go.

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This script requires and is designed for mIRC 6.01, not included.

PnP 4.20 for mIRC 6.01 (1.14MB)

? What’s new

I claimed to stop working on PnP during the 4.00 betas, but now I’m supporting PnP fully again.

Since 4.06, a LOT of major changes have been made. PnP is now fully mIRC 6.01 compatible. Everything is multi-server aware and compliant. Favorites can now include networks/servers to connect to on startup. The theming system has been replaced with a sleek, MTS-compatible system, all in one dialog. (/theme) All of the smaller configuration dialogs are now part of a single, revamped, easy-to-use dialog. (/config) PnP fully supports Halfops and odd channel prefixes, such as !chans. Many more new features include new away options, sound addon improvements, /viewpic, expanded topic popups, etc.

See WHATSNEW.TXT for a full list of changes, additions, and the ever-present bug fixes.

? What’s coming

My plans for the future include redoing some of the older 3.20 addons, creating some nice default themes to include, and automated upgrade/patch support within the script itself. I’ve also started on writing documentation- it’s coming slowly, but something should be ready for the next major version. I’d also like to make the userlist and some of the options network-specific.

PnP also supports translation now- hopefully some hard-working nice people out there will help translate PnP into various languages for future versions. (see Script\Trans\English.ini for details.)

? To upgrade an existing installation of PnP

Just unzip or copy all of these files to your existing PnP directory. Make sure you retain the directories, and overwrite any existing files. Make sure mIRC is NOT RUNNING when you do this. mIRC may restart once or twice the first time you run it, to clean up any new settings.

When upgraded properly, you will not lose any of your existing settings. Do not install this over a copy of PnP earlier than 4.00.

? If this is a new installation

  1. Make sure no copies of mIRC are running.
  2. If you like, make a backup of your mIRC directory.
  3. Unzip or copy all files into your mIRC directory. Retain all directories. In otherwords, you should now have SCRIPT, ADDONS, and THEMES directories within your MIRC directory. If you do not, you did something wrong.
  4. You should now have all of the above directories, as well as mirc.exe in the directory. You will also have other mIRC files such as mirc.ini and servers.ini- this is normal and not a problem.
  5. Start mIRC.
  6. In your status window, type /load -rs script\first.mrc (and press Enter)
  7. Anytime mIRC asks if you’d like to run initialization commands, click "Yes".
  8. mIRC will restart once or twice while installing PnP. Then you are ready to go! If mIRC crashes any time during this installation, you should be able to start it and PnP will pick up where it left off. You will not lose any of your mIRC settings when you install PnP.

? To uninstall PnP

Simply delete the SCRIPT and ADDONS directories and everything in them. Do not do this while mIRC is running. You may also safely delete the CONFIG directory, if you don’t want to save your configuration for later. (this won’t affect your mIRC settings.)

? If you have problems

Please note that Norton may detect a virus in the SOUND.PPA file. This is a known issue and is a false report. I do not know why, nor how to fix this, you will simply have to tell Norton to let you use the file.

Bug reporting and feedback features have been enabled. Use /bug to report a bug or /feedback to leave feedback. However, don’t expect replies to every report or e-mail. I don’t mean to be rude- I simply do not have the time to reply to each individual e-mail. If you have a legitimate question or problem, I will try to send a response.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Although I try to make this as bug free and usable as possible, there will definately be bugs, and many features either aren’t complete, aren’t in, or are in but undocumented.

For a detailed list of changes, see WHATSNEW.TXT. For answers to common questions, see PP-FAQ.TXT.

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For any enquiries, or for further information or help, click here to contact me. Please state clearly the reason for the enquiry.

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