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Sadly (or perhaps not?), I no longer spend a lot of time on IRC, and as such, don’t really have anything to do with PnP anymore. There’s still some information on this site, but for further information, and a small forum of dedicated PnP users, please see

? PnP 3.20 for mIRC 5.41

PnP is designed to be a good choice for anyone looking for a mIRC script. All of its features are highly configurable, so you don’t need to settle for what someone else thinks is best. Most features work quietly in the background- and those that don’t can be turned off. You can keep yourself and your channels safe, and have a much nicer overall IRC experience. PnP doesn’t have the sleek, fancy look that some scripts have- instead, all development time goes into making useful, flexible, and powerful features. Browse through configuration and the popups for just a glimpse of the many features available... or just run it with the default configuration and learn as you go.

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PnP 3.20 for mIRC 5.41 (1.23 MB)

? Installation

Installation of Peace and Protection 3.20 is simple. You will need a copy of mIRC 5.41 for Peace and Protection to work. P&P does not necessarily include mIRC, however you can probably get a copy from wherever you got P&P.

If you already have a copy of mIRC or P&P installed, make sure that you install P&P 3.20 to a DIFFERENT directory. If you save your old settings in this way, P&P can import them later. Now install mIRC 5.41 into a directory on your hard drive, such as c:\mIRC.

Now, run PP-320.EXE. This is a self-extracting archive, and will prompt you for a directory to install to. Install it in the same directory you just installed mIRC 5.41 into.

Alternatively, you can install P&P to any directory, and then copy MIRC32.EXE and the other mIRC 5.41 files into this directoy, however, do NOT copy MIRC.INI. Peace and Protection comes with its own MIRC.INI and if you overwrite it, it will not work.

When this is complete, run MIRC32.EXE and you will proceed to initial setup.

If you DID install over a previous copy of P&P 2.60 or earlier, you can delete any P&P subdirectory as well as PEACEPRO.DOC.

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