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? i² - a personal scripting challenge

i² is a ’full’ script written for mirc 6.01. (a script designed to do a lot of general tasks, as opposed to an ’addon’ script with one specific purpose)

i² was designed slightly different than most scripts. It was created for many different reasons- For one, I needed a break from scripting pnp, so I started designing something different. As well, I wanted to design a script that was more light-weight, could run fine on lower end machines, and be easily transported around on a floppy, as well as just being easier to manage and comprehend.

My main goal, however, was simply to see how much I could fit into a single script file. The end result is i², checking in at exactly 30,000 bytes, the ’limit’ for a mirc script file. I know you can load larger files, or load multiple files, but that’s not the point. I wanted to see what I could do in a single, 30,000 byte script. I think I did rather well. :) For the record, this text file is 60,000 bytes, and the original zip was 30,000 bytes up through version 1.05- it just became too much work to cut the zip size down.

» Download

i² for mIRC (30KB)

- loading i²

i² doesn’t come with mirc or a mirc.ini file. Simply put i2.mrc into your mirc directory, and type ’/load -rs i2.mrc’ (without the quotes) in any window. You should also exit mirc and delete popups.ini, if you still have mirc’s default popups.

Once i² is loaded, you can immediately start using i² and worry about browsing through the configuration options later, if you desire- everything works ’out of the box’.

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